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Come on over to Rad Reader Review and check out my interview, Their review of my recent book, Healing a Hero, and get a sneak peak between the pages. 


Elena Castillo, expert in her field, but new at Camp Lejeune, is shocked when the man she loved and lost fourteen years ago shows up on her first day. Gunnery Sergeant Cameron will be the most challenging patient she has ever worked with. The Marine Corps is his whole life, and he’s far from being reconciled to the debilitating injury or the possibility of a medical discharge and life as a civilian. He’s also the only wounded warrior she ever made the mistake of losing her heart to. Success as a physical therapist means sending him out into the world prepared to triumph without her, but is she strong enough to set Philip free even if it breaks her heart all over again?




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When Dani Amico falls into an abandoned cellar hole and wakes up in another century, she has to decide whether to stay and save Iain MacKail from the fate she knows is coming or find her way home before she falls in love in love with him and gets hurt trying to change history.

Iain MacKail has already put his liberty on the line for a cause, now he has to decide how much more he’s willing to sacrifice, and the arrival of this bewitching woman from the future is making his life even more complicated. Falling in love with her is easy, understanding her is impossible. And what if she disappears as mysteriously as she came.



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Check out my Tide's Way series and meet the fantastic Cameron brothers: Jake, Ben, Will and Philip.

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A Tide's Way short story

        Saving Just One

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The Camerons of Tide’s Way 

Contemporary Romance Series from Bell Bridge Books

Falling for Zoe April 2014

Loving Meg August 2014

Loving Ben Short story January 2015

Mike's Wager Short story April 2015

Trusting Will May 2015

Healing a Hero August 2016

Saving Just One - click here to read for free

Keeping a Promise - coming in 2017


Look for my time travel/historical

Iain's Plaid - March 2017

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THE CANDIDATE - a mainstream intrigue. Set against the backdrop of a presidential campaign running up to election day, it's the story of one man's struggle with a buried memeory from his past that threatens to derail both his life and his bid for the highest office in the country. It's also the story of two other men, with equal chances to win who have secrets from their past that could be just as devastating.

The photo took Matt Steele off guard, jerking him back to a time he’d done everything to forget, to emotions he never wanted to relive. In the midst of a hotly contested race for the White House, the photo and the man who brought it to him will challenge everything Matt thought he knew about himself. The choice he faces to put honor on the line could change the outcome of the election and the fate of a nation.

Available at:  Amazon, B&N, and Wings-ePress.

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